2019 Friends' Accomplishments

We Volunteered

 Friends collectively volunteered over 4,275 hours in support of Palmetto Island State Park. As they have each year, 2 very dedicated volunteers continued the task of mowing ALL the grass in the park. We donated the majority of our time conducting programs for patrons and fundraising. 

Kept You Connected

 In 2019, we attracted 77 members. We connected 3733+ people to the park and its programs through Facebook. We continued to publish our 9th edition of the "Palmetto Pals" monthly newsletter to over 1000 subscribers. 

Promoted the Park

 A considerable amount of our effort is spent promoting events held at Palmetto Island both online and in nearby communities. We spent over $22,939 on advertising, promoting, creating special events and free programs designed to attract patrons to the park.

Hosted 4 Events

 Friends hosted 4 free programs at the park, some of these events had small fundraising components, but our intention was to attract patrons to the park and fill the campground by creating an event for them to enjoy. 

Raised $45,185

 In 2019, we successfully raised  $49,958 for the park, through various efforts including 3 onsite fundraisers. Download our Impact Statement below to find out how we spent your donations.

Donated to the Park

Friends contribute directly to Palmetto Island State Park in-kind donations valued at $3,889. 

Download our complete annual report to see the list of in-kind gifts to the park in 2019.

2019 Annual Report (coming soon) and 2019 Impact List

 We hope that you find the information provided in these reports a testament to our passion and proof of community support for Palmetto Island State Park. We're excited to continue to be of support and benefit to the site in 2020 and we look forward to make it one of the best parks in the State of Louisiana. THANK YOU for your interest and support!   

ImpactList2019 (pdf)


Partnering with Latanier Cookers

Throughout the year, Friends is happy and proud to work closely with the LA Dutch Oven Society's Latanier Cookers. Friends partnered with this group in November 2019 by providing the main meal for their 7th annual 'Cochon de Liat' Dutch Oven Gathering. Friends recruited cooks to prepare 8 pigs in Cajun microwaves for over 450 visitors. Click here to learn more about Latanier Cookers and follow them on Facebook.